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Long Beach Township


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Long Beach Township.




Beach Haven Crest, Beach Haven Gardens, Beach Haven Inlet, Beach Haven Park, Beach Haven Terrace, Brant Beach, Brighton Beach, Haven Beach, High Bar Harbor, Holgate, Loveladies, ,North Beach, Peahala Park, South Beach Haven, Spray Beach, and the Dunes.




Holgate consists of the southern end of the island. South Beach Haven and Beach Haven Inlet can be considered smaller subdivisions of this community.

North Beach Haven is North of the Borough of Beach Haven and south of Spray Beach. North Beach Haven lies between 12th Street and 20th Street.

Spray Beach consists of seven blocks from 20th to 27th Streets.

Beach Haven Gardens is situated between Spray Beach and Beach Haven Terrace and is bordered by 27th Street and 34th Street.

Beach Haven Terrace 128th Street through 133rd Street are called Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, and Ohio Avenues.

The Dunes area is between Haven Beach and Beach Haven Terrace.

Haven Beach lies between Virginia Avenue on the North to Utah Avenue on the South, 108th to 120th Streets.

Beach Haven Crest consists of Lavenia Avenue to Surf Avenue, 75th through 80th Streets.

Brighton Beach lies between Massachusetts Avenue through Delaware Avenue, 81st through 87th Streets.

Peahala Park extends from Mermaid Lane to Muriel Avenue, 88th to 98th Streets.

Beach Haven Park lies between 99th Street and 108th Street, Alabama to Virginia Avenues.

Brant Beach is south of Ship Bottom and it lies between 31st Street and 74th Street.

High Bar Harbor is situated on the northern most piece of Long Beach Township, west of Barnegat Light.

Loveladies is the most recently developed area on Long Beach Island. The storm of 1962 destroyed most of what existed, so most of the buildings are modern. Most homes are privately owned and used only during the Summer. There are no hotels or motels in the area, so Loveladies is a community of close-knit neighbors who look forward to seeing each other year after year.

North Beach lies north of Surf City and south of Harvey Cedars, it extends from 25th to 87th Streets. Frazier Park may also be considered in North Beach.